Sackets Harbor Battlefield State Historic Site

Sackets Harbor, NY
May 17 – June 28, 2024

Mission: The mission of the Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation is to provide safe and enjoyable recreational and interpretive opportunities for all New York State residents and visitors and to be responsible stewards of our valuable natural, historic, and cultural resources.

Sackets Harbor Battlefield State Historic Site is located on the eastern end of Lake Ontario and is recognized by the National Park Service as one of the ‘top War of 1812 sites’ in the nation due to its remarkable integrity (NY402, Class A). The natural harbor, located in Haudenosaunee territory, was a strategic location for the American military during “The Second War for Independence” and became an important site for shipbuilding and served as a military hub that drew thousands of troops and dispersed materials throughout the North Country.

The wealth of existing historiography invites a broad range of relevant local stories interwoven with the state historic site’s story. There are stories of Women’s Suffrage such as Mrs. Frances “Frank” Metcalf, the only woman to hold the honor of being a US Navy yard caretaker and Anna Mac Quaid Mason, New York State’s first female mayor. There are also stories of Black history including the servicemen who made up a large portion of the US Navy during the War of 1812. “Voices and Votes” will be located at the site’s 1817 Union Hotel Building that holds over 200 years of both military and civilian history where stories of democracy that call Sackets Harbor home will be shared.

Programs and Events

Haudenosaunee Heritage – Past, Present, and Future

When: Friday June 14 and Saturday June 15, 2024

Where: Sackets Harbor Battlefield State Historic Sites’s Union Hotel – 401 West Main Street

Traditional Cornhusk Dolls and Raised Beadwork Workshops with internationally recognized Dolores Elliott and Seneca Nation member Ronnie Reitter

Traditional Cornhusk Dolls Friday 9am to 10am, repeated 1pm to 2pm

Traditional Velvet Strawberry Beaded Ornament 10am to 12noon, repeated 3pm to 5pm

Register $8 per person youth (12-18 yrs.) and adults. Space is limited.

“The Origin of Stories” storytelling free Friday 7pm, historic site’s pavilion off Hill Street. Bring a lawn chair. If rain, the session will be at the Hotel building.

“Discovering the Traditional Raised Beadwork and Cornhusk Arts” Saturday 10am to 12noon see the collections of Dolores Elliott and Ronnie Reitter. Free admission

Don’t miss the Smithsonian “Voices and Votes: Democracy in America” exhibit “Museum on Main Street” program and “Sackets Harbor in the North Country” exhibit showcasing Haudenosaunee women’s influence on the Suffragists.

Oral Histories

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