Robert H. Jackson Center

Jamestown, NY
September 6 – October 18, 2024

Mission: The Robert H. Jackson Center is a forum for education on and discussion of law and justice issues as guided by the life and work of Robert H. Jackson. We envision a global society where the universal principles of equality, fairness, and justice prevail.

The Robert H. Jackson Center advances the legacy of Justice Robert H. Jackson through live presentations, exhibitions, multimedia, research, and scholarship that demonstrates the relevance and applicability of Justice Jackson’s ideas to present and future generations. Their programs are based on Jackson’s views on international law, constitutional law, and human and civil rights with special emphasis on educating youth on issues of justice and the rule of law. The Center’s work is guided by the life, work, and principles of Robert H. Jackson– the only person in U.S. history to have served as Solicitor General, Attorney General, and Supreme Court Justice and the architect of modern international humanitarian law.

Robert H. Jackson believed deeply in civil service and that each community member has something to contribute to make an impact and be engaged with others. Jackson did not attend college and did not graduate from law school. He was a country lawyer who left a lasting impact on his local community, wrote seminal legal opinions still studied by our nation’s legal practitioners, and created the laws and rules for the international community to be more humane. He made his way on intelligence, talent, hard work, and a lifelong devotion to education. His life is powerful evidence that one person from any background truly can accomplish great, world-defining things. His story is inspirational.

The Center is participating in Voices and Votes because this story of engagement and service is critical today. Jamestown has a long history of political activism, including suffragists, debating the great issues of the day, and as the home of the Automatic Voting Machine Company. The Center hopes to showcase this history by reopening dialogue to understand and work with the disenfranchised to help them either re-engage or see how they can make an impact in other ways.

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