National Women's Hall of Fame

Seneca Falls, NY
July 12 – August 23, 2024

Mission: The National Women’s Hall of Fame is a nonprofit organization committed to engaging every generation in celebrating the achievements of women who change the world. The Hall elevates women’s voices, equips and empowers changemakers, and advances gender equity through action, education, and storytelling.

Located in the historic town of Seneca Falls, New York, the National Women’s Hall of Fame (NWHOF) serves as a tribute to the indomitable spirit and extraordinary contributions of women throughout history. This upcoming exhibition aligns with the NWHOF’s mission to celebrate and honor the achievements of women who have made significant impacts on society.

At the heart of the NWHOF lies an exploration of the journey toward women's suffrage and the continued pursuit of equality in American Democracy. Voices and Votes encapsulates a pivotal chapter in history, allowing visitors to delve into the narratives of the women's suffrage movement, showcasing the struggles, triumphs, and dedication of those who fought for the right to vote.

The NWHOF recognizes the significance of bringing this exhibition to its doors. By showcasing Voices and Votes, the Hall aims to offer an enriching educational experience that engages visitors of all ages. Through interactive displays, artifacts, multimedia presentations, and compelling narratives, the exhibit will transport visitors back in time, allowing them to witness the struggles and triumphs of women who defied societal norms and fought for their rights.

This exhibition also serves as a platform for dialogue and reflection for visitors to encounter stories that resonate with contemporary issues surrounding gender equality, social justice, and civic engagement. This exhibition will provide an opportunity to spark discussions about the progress made and the work that remains in the ongoing pursuit of equality for all.

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